Group and Private Yoga Classes

Yoga & Meditation Classes


Barbara teaches classes in a beautiful studio in Suckley.

Yoga teacherYoga Classes

Yoga Classes include:


  • Asana – physical posture work,
  • Pranayama – control of the breath, and relaxation techniques preparing the body for meditation.
  • Meditation Techniques

Meditation Classes

Please contact me for further details about Meditation classes.

Private Classes

Small bespoke classes. Arranged by the student for friends or family:-

Mon – Fri - £30.00 pp per hour 

One on One Classes:-

Yoga - £45.00 pp per hour. Or £99.00 for 3 lessons (paid in advance)

Meditation - £30.00 pp for a 30 minute session or £45.00 pp for an hour.


If you are interested in one of these classes please contact Paadena. Prior to beginning a class you will be requested to fill in a health questionnaire.



I have been doing Yoga with Barbara for many years. During my time I have found Barbara to be patient and compassionate. She takes great care to explain each movement and how to do the position with respect for your joints. Also if you suffer with an injury she tells you how to adjust the movement to protect your injury. The class is small and personal and the setting for her studio is fantastic with views across the valley, even watching the sun go down, whilst practicing Yoga. The class isn’t just about movement, Barbara takes time for relaxation and you always come away feeling mindful.

Beverly Potter - Yoga

The treatment I have received so far has helped me enormously.  I feel my stress and anxiety is now under control and more importantly under my control.  With Barbaras help I am now able to relax, feel able to cope and understand my triggers so that I am able to understand where my panic attacks stem from.  Definintely recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone who is looking for help with long term issues.

Stephanie Brooks

Not just a massage, but an experience. Everything about the massage was relaxing, professional and uplifting.  I felt safe in her hands.

Lauren Kindly. Teacher - Massage