Clinical Hypnotherapy FAQs


Questions, Myths and Answers


What does being in a trance feel like?

Some people feel the deepest sense of relaxation, some feel light and weightless, others feel their body as very heavy and some say it is like a deep meditation.  The point is it is different for each person.  Many can hear and concentrate on every word, whereas others will drift in and out of consciousness.  Each session is recorded so that you are able to listen back and remain in control.

Will I still be in control?

Yes, you will remain in control at all times.  This is clinical hypnotherapy and is used as such, you will not be asked to flap your arms like a bird.  Just like in the waking state you are able to pick and choose what thoughts you listen to and take on-board.  Even in a hypnotic state of mind you are still able to hear even if deeply relaxed, what is said and make decisions and choices for yourself.

What if I fall asleep and have no memory of the session?

Hypnosis is often so relaxing and occasionally some people drift off to sleep.  However most people are able to relax and also listen clearly to every word.  There are medical studies that show that even in deep hypnosis a person is still aware and are actually concentration at some level.  The hypnosis session is recorded so that it can be listened too as homework to reinforce the benefits, so if someone falls asleep it doesn't matter.




I can't be hypnotised because my mind is strong.  Only the weak can be hypnotised.

FACT  This has been proven as untrue.  An open mind is actually a strong mind.  It depends on what people think the experience will be like.  It is not something that is 'done' to you.  Many people are aware of everything that is being said and if they don't agree with something they can reject the idea jus as if they were wide awake.

Someone else is in control of my mind.

FACT No, not at all.  You will remain in control.  There is a saying that 'all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis' and that really you are always in control.

Not just a massage, but an experience. Everything about the massage was relaxing, professional and uplifting.  I felt safe in her hands.

Lauren Kindly. Teacher - Massage

Barbara is excellent at personally tailoring her teaching to each individual students needs. Her approach is calming, knowledgeable and professional, immediately putting you at ease. As a trained massage therapist myself, I have attended courses with many different  teachers and therapists. It was so refreshing when I began the course with Barbara and was actually introduced to massage techniques that I had never before experienced, delivered with such kindness and patience! I was impressed! She seems to know intuitively where to encourage and guide, and her teaching produce excellent results, always leaving me feeling confident in my ability. I loved doing the course and am now planning on continuing with Barbara and working through the Advanced Techniques.

Vicky Dawes. Osteopath - TYMT Teaching

I feel that Barbara’s approach to massage shows her thoughtfulness and consideration for her clients and this has the effect of leaving the spirit uplifted and the body well and truly stretched after every session.

Jennifer Cole. Chiropractor - Massage