Foot Health Care

Foot Healthcare


Paadena also offers Foot Health Care services within your own home.

We visit the Malvern area, Suckley, Lulsley, Alfrick, Leigh,

Cradley and many other villages.

Basic hygiene and nail cutting may be all that’s needed to keep your feet in good health, but if you develop a problem it’s best to seek professional help.
We can give you advice on how to prevent problems and how to take care of your feet. You may also need help if you suffer from diabetes or joint problems such as arthritis.

Please contact Paadena if you are interested in making an appointment.

You will also be asked to fill in a medical history questionnaire.

Not just a massage, but an experience. Everything about the massage was relaxing, professional and uplifting.  I felt safe in her hands.

Lauren Kindly. Teacher - Massage

I feel that Barbara’s approach to massage shows her thoughtfulness and consideration for her clients and this has the effect of leaving the spirit uplifted and the body well and truly stretched after every session.

Jennifer Cole. Chiropractor - Massage

Barbara is excellent at personally tailoring her teaching to each individual students needs. Her approach is calming, knowledgeable and professional, immediately putting you at ease. As a trained massage therapist myself, I have attended courses with many different  teachers and therapists. It was so refreshing when I began the course with Barbara and was actually introduced to massage techniques that I had never before experienced, delivered with such kindness and patience! I was impressed! She seems to know intuitively where to encourage and guide, and her teaching produce excellent results, always leaving me feeling confident in my ability. I loved doing the course and am now planning on continuing with Barbara and working through the Advanced Techniques.

Vicky Dawes. Osteopath - TYMT Teaching