Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Making a positive change in your life isn't

something you have to do alone.

Imagine what it would feel like to know your triggers and be prepared for them.

Over the course of our sessions, we can search for the root cause of your problem, we can then start to unwind those in your subconscious mind.  You will no longer have to rely on willpower alone.


I can help you with:


The Mind                                                  





Fears and Phobias





The Body


Weight Loss



Pain Management


The Spirit


Reconnection with self





Then maybe Hypnotherapy can help.


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I feel that Barbara’s approach to massage shows her thoughtfulness and consideration for her clients and this has the effect of leaving the spirit uplifted and the body well and truly stretched after every session.

Jennifer Cole. Chiropractor - Massage

I have been doing Yoga with Barbara for many years. During my time I have found Barbara to be patient and compassionate. She takes great care to explain each movement and how to do the position with respect for your joints. Also if you suffer with an injury she tells you how to adjust the movement to protect your injury. The class is small and personal and the setting for her studio is fantastic with views across the valley, even watching the sun go down, whilst practicing Yoga. The class isn’t just about movement, Barbara takes time for relaxation and you always come away feeling mindful.

Beverly Potter - Yoga

Barbara is excellent at personally tailoring her teaching to each individual students needs. Her approach is calming, knowledgeable and professional, immediately putting you at ease. As a trained massage therapist myself, I have attended courses with many different  teachers and therapists. It was so refreshing when I began the course with Barbara and was actually introduced to massage techniques that I had never before experienced, delivered with such kindness and patience! I was impressed! She seems to know intuitively where to encourage and guide, and her teaching produce excellent results, always leaving me feeling confident in my ability. I loved doing the course and am now planning on continuing with Barbara and working through the Advanced Techniques.

Vicky Dawes. Osteopath - TYMT Teaching